Editorial Submissions

Are you an aspiring Mills & Boon author?

Is romance your passion? Read the information below carefully to find out how you can submit your story to Mills & Boon.

First, make sure you know what series or category you want to write for. How will you know which series to write for? By reading books in each series you’ll find a series that you like best. This is the series that you should write for. The best advice we can give you is to read as much as you can. Second, make sure your story follows the guidelines for that series or category (see links below). Click here for more tips from the Mills & Boon UK office.

Are you ready to send in your manuscript?

All submissions to Mills & Boon are accepted online only. All manuscripts submitted through the online portal are managed through the editorial offices noted on the submission page for that series.

Please note that Mills & Boon Australia does not manage the submission process. If you have any further questions about your submission or the submission process, please contact one of the editorial offices below.

Click the links below to submit your manuscript online:

*NEW* Dare






Modern (also known as Presents)

Forever Romance (also known as Sweet or True Love)

Romantic Suspense

Cherish (also known as Special Edition)


Other things to note:

  • Mills and Boon Australia is not an editorial office and does not accept submissions or manage any part of the submission process.
  • The categories/series lines above show the Australian name. As our categories sometimes have different names in the US or UK, the name for the series on the submission page may be different.
  • All Mills & Boon submissions should be made through the online portal here.
  • Please submit to only one category at a time, with only one submission at a time.
  • Submissions are accepted in English only.
  • All material should be the author’s own original work. Stories that contain scenes or plot lines that bear a striking resemblance to previously published work are in breach of copyright law and are not acceptable.
  • All material must be typewritten and double-spaced.
  • Our international offices will evaluate all material in as timely a fashion as volume allows. Please allow at least 12 weeks.
  • Do not send any material that is being considered by another publisher. Multiple submissions are not acceptable.
  • A literary agent is not required in order to submit.
  • Our guidelines should help you understand our requirements and standards. However, there is no better way to determine what we are looking for than reading our books.
  • We enter into discussions about payment only when a contract is offered.


Editorial Offices


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Harlequin Books/MIRA Books
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