Guide to eBooks


STEP 1. Download Adobe Digital Editions

Adobe Digital Editions
Adobe Digital Editions is a free eBook reader application used to read DRM (Digital Rights Managed)-protected eBooks from Mills & Boon site.

Adobe Digital Editions must be installed and activated in order to use the DRM-protected eBooks available at this site.

To download Adobe Digital Edition app,

Download here for Apple iOS devices

Download here for Android devices

STEP 2. Set up an Adobe ID

You will need to also create an Adobe ID to link your Adobe Digital Editions Reader app to your Mills & Boon account therefore please ensure you use the same email address at all times.

STEP 3. Authorise your Adobe ID

To activate Adobe Digital Editions on your desktop:

  1. Open Adobe Digital Editions
  2. Select Library then Authorise Computer (‘Authorise Computer’ dialog box is displayed)
  3. Enter the email address and password for your Adobe ID then click Activate
  4. Click Finish to close the Setup Assistant dialog box

If you’re using the Adobe Digital Editions App on your phone/tablet, use the following steps –


STEP 4: Go to ‘My Orders’ page

  1. Select your order no.
  2. Click on download link
  3. Download to Adobe Digital editions

For tips on downloading on Apple iOS13 iPad/iPhone – Click here


Quick troubleshooting guide

If you are experiencing an issue, first try these steps:

  1. Please delete and re-install the application you are using
  2. Make sure the device & user program is up to date/the latest version
  3. Make sure your Adobe Digital Editions Account is authorized for multiple downloads

Common Error Messages


This indicates that you have downloaded, or attempted to download, the eBooks on another computer or device that has a different authorisation to this device.

  1. Check the Adobe ID authorisation status of current device.
  2. If it unauthorised, authorise with Adobe ID on previous device
  3. If authorised, check the Adobe ID of previous device.
  4. If previous device is not authorised, all eBooks have been “locked” to anonymous ID, allowing them only to be read on that device.


This indicates a configuration problem, usually a broken link. Contact Customer service and ask them to check the link for the eBook.


Contact Customer service and ask them to check the link for the eBook.


There is a problem with the time, date or time zone. Check the time, date and time zone match. For more information, see here.

No Error on Network Request

Please check your network connection and try again

The firewall is blocking access to Adobe. Adobe needs to be added to Windows Firewall as an allowed program. Please see this link for instructions.

Adobe Reader cannot open urllink.acsm files

This indicates the eBooks are trying to opening with Adobe Reader not Adobe Digital Editions.

  1.      For a temporary solution, Windows users can right click and select Open With > Adobe Digital Editions.
  2.      For a permanent solution, if you are using either Windows or Mac you can change the file type associations.

The file downloaded is a .acsm file, not an epub.

If an ascm file downloads, please right click the file. From the list of commands that appear, select open with… and choose your preferred epub reading software, such as adobe digital editions.

For a permanent solution, if you are using either Windows or Mac you can change the file type associations.

The XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it.

This problem is usually isolated to Samsung or Android devices. It is a communication problem between the browser and the eBook links. Please download your e-books directly from your account on the Mills & Boon website.

If this does not resolve the issue, you will need to download another browser to your Samsung or Android device. We recommend Google Chrome.

  1.      On the Google Play store, search for Chrome and download Google Chrome
  2.      Using the Chrome app, login to the Mills & Boon website
  3.      Click My Account
  4.      Click My Order History
  5.      Click the order number to access the download links
  6.      Click on the download link, which should prompt you to select where you would like to open the eBook
  7.      Select Adobe Digital Editions
  8.      Select Just Once.

Still got an issue?

For any other issues please fill in our eBook help form here