iPad/iPhone e-book download guide

Most Apple users are having the same issue at the moment – the new iOS 13 has changed the way files are downloaded.

Please try these steps and see how you go:

Step 1:

Instead of clicking on the book title to download, please just press and hold. This should then pop up:

Click ‘Download Linked File’.

This will then appear in the download bar at the top of your screen (there is a little blue arrow pointing downwards in the top right hand corner). Click the blue arrow. This will appear:

Click the top URLLink (no matter what number it is).

It will appear as this:

Then click the button in the top right hand corner (an arrow pointing upwards out of a square).

It will give you the option to send it to contacts or open with apps. If the Bluefire/Adobe option does not appear, scroll to the right and select ‘more…’, and you should get a list like this:

If you click on ‘Copy to Bluefire Reader’, or ‘Copy to Adobe Digital Editions’, it will open in the app, and voila! You are ready to read!


Unreadable text on iPad/iPhone

Due to updates with IOS software, iPads or iPhones may experience issues with unreadable/faded text showing within eBooks when downloaded to Adobe Digital Editions. 

As this is an IOS software issue that we can’t control, we recommend the following steps as a workaround:

  1. Open the downloaded eBook in Adobe Digital Editions.
  2. Tap on screen so menu options show as per below then tap on the Dark/Light button.
  3. Select either the middle T (dark background) or right T (cream background).
  4. The background screen colour will change, and text should then be legible for reading.