DARE to Write a Mills & Boon Story

This competition has ended! Thank you to everyone who entered – the winners have been contacted and are displayed here.

Mills & Boon DARE is our hottest romance series yet – featuring empowered, fun and fearless women who don’t necessarily need a man in their lives but choose to take their romantic destiny into their own hands.

Think you have what it takes to write romance for today’s woman?

Mills & Boon wants to see what you’ve got!

Submit your story idea and a sample scene that demonstrates the heroine in charge of her romantic destiny.

First Prize:

The winner will receive a masterclass with a Mills & Boon DARE editor and author, plus a Mills & Boon gift pack (valued over $500 + Do You DARE game).

5 Shortlisted Stories:

Each will receive Mills & Boon gift pack (valued at over $500) + Do You DARE game.

by Mills & Boon author Clare Connelly

  • Empowerment comes in many shapes and guises. Don’t fall into stereotypes, think about all the women you know and the traits that you most admire and use those examples to create real women.

  • Empowered women demand respect. They aren’t afraid to stand up for themselves and those things that matter most to them.

  • There is no one way to write strong female characters. Dig deeper to find your characters’ inner-motivations and the source of their strength.

  • Any physical heat takes place in the context of an overall emotional journey (even if the characters don’t know that at the time). The tension should be at breaking point, so that a reader is relieved when finally a couple comes together.

  • All writers start writing from a place of love. Silence your inner critic and (to quote my favourite tropical reef fish) just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

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