Keeping Her Up All Night

Temptation on her Doorstep #1

Keeping Her Up All Night

by Anna Cleary

Imprint: Modern

Release date: 09/08/2014

Pages: 185 Pages

ISBN: 9781743698334

Temptation on her doorstep!

Amber O’Neill’s new neighbour has been keeping her up all night – and not for any pleasurable reason! Doesn’t he know ex-ballerinas need to drown their sorrows in peace? Amber storms round, intending to tell this noise polluter where he can put his guitar, but ends up tongue-tied when she sees him in the smokin’ hot flesh!

Guy Wilder can think of some much more exciting uses for Amber’s sharp tongue and stunning physique, but he would be crazy to start up anything with his neighbour – things could get messy when she realises he’s a ‘one night only’ kind of guy…

About the author

Anna Cleary

Anna Cleary

Anna Cleary was born in Newcastle, Australia. She had the good fortune of growing up in a household where there were lots of kids, books and music. Inspired by her passion for reading, Anna loved writing poems and stories from an early age and dreamed of being an author and living in a cottage by the sea. As a teenager she adored Georgette Heyer’s regency romances. In addition to delving into the world of literature with the works of Dostoyevsky and Lawrence, she wasn’t above curling up on the bed with Wodehouse’s hilarious Wooster chronicles, or sneaking behind the garden... more