Susan Napier Diamond Collection 201401/The Revenge Affair/The Mistress Deception

Susan Napier Diamond Collection 201401/The Revenge Affair/The Mistress Deception

by Susan Napier

Imprint: Box Sets

Release date: 01/01/2014

Pages: 588 Pages

ISBN: 9781743648889

The Revenge Affair

Joshua Wade was convinced that Regan was plotting to disrupt his wedding. Why else would she have agreed to organise the big day when she clearly had a grudge against him? Regan had to admit they had unfinished business: a reckless one-night stand...

Regan wasn't out for revenge, though she did have a hidden reason for getting close to Joshua's family. Only she could never reveal her secret plans — not even when Joshua confessed his engagement was a sham and he wanted his ring on Regan's finger!

The Mistress Deception

When Rachel offered to help Matthew Riordan undress after a party, her intentions were purely innocent. She’d been trying to avoid a scandal — instead, she found herself being blackmailed!

Yet Matthew oozed sex appeal; he didn’t need to blackmail Rachel into his bed! But they’d clashed over a business deal. Was Matthew planning to make Rachel his mistress simply out of revenge?


About the author

Susan Napier

Susan Napier

Susan Napier was born (appropriately, for a romance writer) February 14, St. Valentine s Day, in Auckland, New Zealand. She was 11 years old when her first story was published — on the children's page of a daily newspaper — and from that time on she was a confirmed scribbler. By the time she graduated from high school she was determined to make writing her full-time career.Her first job was as a reporter at the Auckland Star, the city's leading evening newspaper. It was there that she met her archetypal hero, the newspaper's tall, dark, and handsome chief reporter, Englishman... more