What The Paparazzi Didn't See/My Boyfriend and Other Enemies

What The Paparazzi Didn't See/My Boyfriend and Other Enemies

by Nicola Marsh, Nikki Logan

Imprint: Modern

Release date: 01/07/2013

Pages: 384 Pages

ISBN: 9781743641903

What The Paparazzi Didn't See by Nicola Marsh

Liza Lithgow has her reasons for living life in the spotlight, and they're all to do with protecting her little sister. Now she's finally saved enough money to leave the red carpet behind, and what better way to celebrate than with a martini and a man?

The only problem is, the man in question turns out to be a publisher wanting her kiss-and-tell autobiography! If Wade Urquart wants a story, she'll give him exactly that! But what will Wade see - the glossy façade, or maybe the real woman behind Australia's most famous smile...?

My Boyfriend And Other Enemies by Nikki Logan

The moment Tash Sinclair sets eyes on family rival Aiden Moore she knows she's in trouble. His vendetta against her is bad enough, but the fact that she finds Aiden outrageously attractive makes everything a million times worse!

Tash and Aiden clash immediately, but everyone knows that the line between love and hate is paper-thin. As the fireworks fly, will they spontaneously combust - or will Tash do the unthinkable and fall for her own worst enemy?

About the author

Nicola Marsh

Nicola Marsh

For Nicola, writing has always been a passion, starting at the age of 8 when she designed and scripted elaborate ‘Abba’ and ‘Grease’ concerts for family and friends. Being a voracious reader, she devoured every book she came across: her particular favourites included The Famous Five, The Secret Seven, Nancy Drew, The Hardy Brothers and Trixie Belden series. Her all-time favourite book was Enid Blyton’s The Magic Faraway Tree; oh, how she wished for her very own tree with a different land at the top every day!In her teens, a love of English literature led to dreams of being a... more

Nikki Logan

Nikki Logan

Nikki Logan lives amongst a string of wetlands in Western Australia with her partner and a menagerie of animals.For many years she worked in advertising and film distribution before finally settling down in the wildlife industry. It wasn't until Nikki had six months off work in 2007 that she applied herself to writing her first novel. Well and truly bitten by the writing-bug, she wrote two more novels after her return to work in 2008. Nikki was contracted to the Harlequin Romance line in December 2008 and her novel, "Lights, Camera...Kiss the Boss", debuted in February 2010. more