The First Move/A Better Father

The First Move/A Better Father

by Jennifer Lohmann, Kris Fletcher

Imprint: Essence

Release date: 30/04/2013

Pages: 612 Pages

ISBN: 9781743640777

The First Move by Jennifer Lohmann

It seems like fate…or something! When Miles Brislenn spies the girl he had a crush on in high school - at his ex-wife's wedding, no less - he can't let the opportunity pass. Gone is the rebel Renia used to be. In her place is a beautiful woman who's reserved, cautious…and holding onto secrets.

For Miles this second chance with Renia is too important to let her past stand in their way. He'll do whatever is necessary to help her accept her choices and move on - even if that means a salsa lesson or two! Because now that he's made the first move, he wants the second to be hers.

A Better Father by Kris Fletcher

Becoming a single dad was never hockey star Sam Catalano's game plan. Now he's turning his world upside down to give his son Casey the best life he can, and buying his own childhood camp seems like the perfect way to do it. At least until he comes face-to-face with his new assistant director - and old camp flame - Libby Kovak.

Sam can't afford to be distracted by Libby or the constant reminders of the passion they shared. His only priority is protecting Casey and making the transition as smooth as possible. But Sam's starting to believe that the most valuable thing he can give his son - and himself - is a life with Libby in it.

About the author

Jennifer Lohmann

Jennifer Lohmann

Jennifer Lohmann is a Rocky Mountain girl at heart, having grown up in southern Idaho and Salt Lake City. She's always been a reader—of romance novels, mysteries, nonfiction, cereal boxes, etc. If it had words, she tried to read it. Unlike many voracious readers, she didn't major in English in college. She decided to pursue a more practical degree, graduating from the University of Chicago with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics.Practicality is something Jennifer aspires to, rather than something she is always able to achieve. After graduating from college, she moved to Shanghai to teach English for a year.... more

Kris Fletcher

Kris Fletcher

Kris Fletcher has been to five of the seven continents, can speak about a dozen words in Russian, and can fold a fitted sheet without swearing (though not always on the first try). She holds a Master's degree in Child and Family Studies, which she puts to work every day in her dual careers of raising children and writing fiction. She is an adoption advocate, a semi-recovered volunteer, and the proud possessor of Harrison Ford's autograph on an article she wrote about him.Kris grew up in southern Ontario, went to school in Nova Scotia, married a man from Maine, and... more