St Piran's: The Fireman And Nurse Loveday

St Piran's Hospital #6

St Piran's: The Fireman And Nurse Loveday

by Kate Hardy

Imprint: Medical

Release date: 30/04/2011

Pages: 264 Pages

ISBN: 9781742904344

School nurse and local wallflower Flora Loveday would rather spend time with her pupils than even think about dating until smoking-hot fireman Tom Nicholson enters her life. But Tom’s interest in her is just because she’s put a smile on his troubled young nephew’s face isn’t it?

Whilst Flora’s bond with little Joey is invaluable, Tom has to admit he wants her around for other reasons. Flora has a beauty strangely overlooked by others, but Tom plans to awaken the passion she tries desperately to hide

About the author

Kate Hardy

Kate Hardy

Kate lives just outside Norwich in the east of England with her husband, small son and daughter and two mad spaniels.She's always loved books and could read before she went to school. She always knew that she wanted to be a writer, and her parents bought her a proper typewriter for her sixth birthday. (She's still a six-finger typist, though.…) Her first stories were all about ponies or outer space, but then she discovered Mills & Boon when she was 12 and decided this was what she wanted to do.Following a degree in English, Kate started work as an accountant,... more