St Piran's: The Brooding Heart Surgeon

St Piran's Hospital #5

St Piran's: The Brooding Heart Surgeon

by Alison Roberts

Imprint: Medical

Release date: 31/03/2011

Pages: 192 Pages

ISBN: 9781742904276

Everyone at the hospital has fallen under Dr Luke Davenport’s spell! But Anna Bartlett is certain the ex-army medic is hiding something. Actions speak louder than words, and the tightness of his grip and the shadows behind his once sparkling eyes don’t align with the words, 'I’m fine.’

She should remain professional, but Anna longs to be the one to save Luke from his nightmares if only she can reach out to the man behind the brooding mask

About the author

Alison Roberts

Alison Roberts

Alison Roberts was born in Dunedin, New Zealand. Her father’s medical career took her overseas at the age of five, and she started her schooling in London before moving to Washington, D.C. Eventually the family, including Alison’s three brothers, returned to Dunedin, where Alison trained as a primary-school teacher.A teaching position in the north island township of Napier led to a whirlwind romance with and marriage to Mark — a young doctor who is now a professor, and even more attractive than he was 20 years ago! Mark’s career meant a move to Christchurch where a teaching position was unavailable,... more