newGetting Lucky

Reunions #1

Getting Lucky

by Avril Tremayne

Imprint: Dare

Release date: 23/07/2018

Pages: 224 Pages

ISBN: 9781489268358

He’ll help her get lucky…and promises to deliver a whole lot more!

With her fertility issues, it’s now or never for Romy Allen. Thankfully, her friend Matt Carter will help her research her options. But then the deliciously sexy entrepreneur tears up her IVF paperwork and presents a counteroffer — the old-fashioned way or nothing! How can she refuse? Especially when multiple orgasms are offered as a tempting bonus!

About the author

Avril Tremayne

Avril Tremayne

Avril Tremayne became a writer via careers in shoe-selling, nursing, teaching and public relations.Along the way, she studied acting, singing, pottery, oil painting, millinery, German and Arabic (among other things).A committed urbanite, her favourite stories are fast-paced contemporary city stories told with sass and humour.Married with one daughter, Avril lives in Sydney, Australia.When not writing or reading, she’s thinking about food, wine and shoes. more