newThe Doctor's Cowboy/The Heart Of A Cowboy

The Doctor's Cowboy/The Heart Of A Cowboy

by Trish Milburn

Imprint: Western Romance

Release date: 23/07/2018

Pages: 432 Pages

ISBN: 9781489266156

The Doctor’s Cowboy

Dr Chloe Brody cares about all her patients, so when rodeo cowboy Wyatt Kelley shows up in her ER, busted up and with no place to go, she takes him home.

Chloe has a full life, but inside, she’s alone, just like Wyatt. When the attraction between them heats up, Wyatt knows he should leave — because what can a broken cowboy with an ugly past offer a woman like her? Chloe, though, is determined to prove him wrong.

The Heart Of A Cowboy

Somehow, the right woman never came along for Garrett Brody…until now. Veterinarian Natalie Todd left Blue Falls when she was a kid, but she seems to fit right in now and every kiss tells Garrett she feels the same way he does. So what’s holding her back?

Natalie can’t say, and every kiss just makes it harder. The secret she carries will destroy everything. That’s why she can’t tell him. Not yet. Maybe not ever…

About the author

Trish Milburn

Trish Milburn

Trish grew up in Kentucky and got her degree in print journalism from Murray State University. After college, she worked as a newspaper reporter, a marketing assistant and finally a magazine managing editor before quitting to freelance write and copy edit. By taking the leap into freelancer-land, she also had more time to devote to writing fiction and chasing her dream of becoming a published novelist. While working toward her first sale, she placed eight times as a finalist in the prestigious Golden Heart contest sponsored by Romance Writers of America, winning twice. She was also a finalist in Harlequin... more