newThe Texan's Surprise Son/Her Cowboy Groom

The Texan's Surprise Son/Her Cowboy Groom

by Cathy McDavid, Trish Milburn

Imprint: Western Romance

Release date: 18/06/2018

Pages: 456 Pages

ISBN: 9781489265999

The Texan’s Surprise Son - Cathy McDavid

Bull rider Jacob Baron is shocked to discover he’s a father, but he’s determined to do right by his son. He’ll be the kind of dad his son needs…even if Cody’s attractive aunt, Mariana Snow, seems to question his daddy skills at every turn.

Jacob cooks, cleans and has a nice touch with a two-year-old. But Mariana’s own part-time, no-good father was a rodeo star and she knows their charms can’t be trusted. She’s hanging around for Cody’s sake…at least, that’s what she keeps telling herself.

Her Cowboy Groom - Trish Milburn

When Linnea Holland’s plans for her dream wedding collapse, she flees to her best friend’s family ranch, where nobody asks for details. The Brody boys just welcome her with open arms and a whole lot of brotherly love.

Trouble is, the feelings between Linnea and Owen Brody are a little warmer than that and his protective instincts kick in when he sees how much Linnea is hurting. He’s the perfect antidote to her lying ex-fiancé. But can their feelings be love — or is Owen simply a guy she can rely on for the rebound?

About the author

Cathy McDavid

Cathy McDavid

Cathy McDavid had no idea when she opened that first Walter Farley book in third grade, it bio picwould be a defining moment in her life. After devouring every Black Stallion and Island Stallion book written at the time — the process took over a year — she decided she wanted her own horse. That dream was realized a few years later, and Cathy went on to own horses and ride most of her life. Bonanza and Big Valley reruns every day after school enforced her love of all things western as well as a fascination with "cowboy" history.Always an... more

Trish Milburn

Trish Milburn

Trish grew up in Kentucky and got her degree in print journalism from Murray State University. After college, she worked as a newspaper reporter, a marketing assistant and finally a magazine managing editor before quitting to freelance write and copy edit. By taking the leap into freelancer-land, she also had more time to devote to writing fiction and chasing her dream of becoming a published novelist. While working toward her first sale, she placed eight times as a finalist in the prestigious Golden Heart contest sponsored by Romance Writers of America, winning twice. She was also a finalist in Harlequin... more