newThe Mad Morelands: Volume Two

The Mad Morelands: Volume Two

by Candace Camp

Imprint: Box Sets

Release date: 18/06/2018

Pages: 736 Pages

ISBN: 9781489265968

The next two Mad Morelands novels by New York Times bestselling author Candace Camp — available in one fabulous volume!


Ever since Anna Holcomb inexplicably refused his proposal, Reed Moreland has been unable to set foot in the home that was the backdrop to their romance — Winterset.

The mystery that surrounds the Gloucestershire mansion has always captivated him, and he can neither continue living in the house nor give it up completely.

But when Reed begins having troubling dreams about Anna in danger, he puts his heartbreak and bitterness aside and directs his carriage back to Winterset, determined to protect her. Once again passion flares between them, but the murder of a servant girl draws them deep into the foreboding, deadly legends of Winterset…and a destiny neither Anna nor Reed can escape.

An Unexpected Pleasure

American journalist Megan Mulcahey has to discover the truth — had Theo Moreland, the Marquess of Raine, killed her brother? To find out, she must infiltrate the marquess’s household.

The new American governess intrigues Theo. Wanderlust has always plagued him — until Miss Mulcahey comes to Broughton House to teach his young siblings. Now, the strange pull of their immediate desire both troubles and excites him. He’s seen her beauty once before, in a fever dream his memory cannot escape. So why is this delicious vision now snooping around his mansion like a common thief?

About the author

Candace Camp

Candace Camp

Candace Camp cannot remember a time when she was not interested in creating stories. Born into a newspaper family — her mother had been a reporter and her father was the business manager of the Amarillo, Texas, newspaper — some of Candace’s earliest memories are of making up stories which she played out on the floor of their den with whatever objects were handy. She began writing down her stories when she was about 10, and from then on writing was her favorite form of relaxation. Explains Camp, "I was always very shy and did not talk much. However, in... more