newHer Lost And Found Baby/High Country Cowgirl

Her Lost And Found Baby/High Country Cowgirl

by Tara Taylor Quinn, Joanna Sims

Imprint: Cherish

Release date: 23/07/2018

Pages: 456 Pages

ISBN: 9781489264503

Her Lost And Found Baby - Tara Taylor Quinn

Tabitha Jones will find her kidnapped toddler…even if it means searching every daycare in southern California. So when her hunky, wealthy neighbour, Johnny Brubaker, offers a deal, Tabitha sees it as an ideal way to expand her search. In exchange for working his food truck, Johnny agrees to pose as Tabitha’s husband. It’s the perfect relationship…until he realises posing as a family man isn’t enough anymore.

High Country Cowgirl - Joanna Sims

Ever since Gabe Brand transported a show horse and its lovely owner to their new ranch home, the Montana trainer has had it bad for Bonita Delafuente. The heiress came to Montana to make her terminally ill mother’s western dream a reality. But with her dreams already on hold, can Bonita make room in her life for a cowboy with love in his heart?

About the author

Tara Taylor Quinn

Tara Taylor Quinn

Bestselling author Tara Taylor Quinn’s love affair with Harlequin books began when she was 14 years old and picked up a free promotional copy of a Harlequin Romance novel in her hometown grocery store. The relationship was solidified the year she was suspended from her high school typing class for hiding a Harlequin Romance book behind the keys of her electric typewriter. Unaware that her instructor loomed close by, Tara read blissfully on with one finger resting on the automatically repeated period key. She finished her book in the principal’s office.Though she wrote her first story at the age of... more

Joanna Sims

Joanna Sims

Joanna Sims writes contemporary romance for Harlequin Special Edition. By day, she is a speech-language pathologist. But, her nights and weekends are reserved for writing. When she isn't providing therapy or writing, Joanna enjoys spending time with her husband, Cory, and their two fabulous felines, Sebastian and Chester (a.k.a., Tubby). more