newShow Me A Hero/The Maverick's Baby-In-Waiting

Show Me A Hero/The Maverick's Baby-In-Waiting

by Allison Leigh, Melissa Senate

Imprint: Cherish

Release date: 23/07/2018

Pages: 456 Pages

ISBN: 9781489264497

Show Me A Hero - Allison Leigh

When small town cop Ali Templeton shows up at Grant Cooper’s door claiming he’s the uncle of an abandoned baby, the Air Force veteran turned famous thriller writer is shocked. By the news... and by their instant, irritating attraction. Grant moved to Weaver for peace and quiet, not whirlwind romance. Now it’s time to step up and be a hero — for the child’s sake and his own.

The Maverick’s Baby-In-Waiting - Melissa Senate

Pretty and pregnant Mikayla Brown is Rust Creek Falls’ newest resident. Poor as a church mouse, she is determined to make it on her own, so what is she doing with Tulsa billionaire Jensen Jones? Everyone knows that the cowboy-booted businessman doesn’t ‘do’ commitment — and Mikayla is in no position (literally!) to do casual. Yet our sources suggest Jensen may be Mikayla’s Prince Charming in disguise. Could our expectant, independent Cinderella have finally found her perfect match?

About the author

Allison Leigh

Allison Leigh

When Allison Leigh learned in 1996 that her first novel, Stay..., had been accepted for publication by Silhouette Books, it was the dream of a lifetime. An avid reader, Allison knew at an early age that she wanted to be a writer, as well. Until that first book hit the bookshelves in her hometown, she still had some lingering suspicion that she would awaken from this particular dream. But Stay... did make it to the shelves in April 1998 and the dream was a reality."I fell in love with the hero, Jefferson Clay, when I was writing Stay...," Allison says.... more

Melissa Senate

Melissa Senate

Melissa is the author of 10 novels, and her debut novel, SEE JANE DATE, made into a TV movie. Her other novels are: The Solomon Sisters Wise Up; Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?; The Breakup Club; Theodora Twist (for teens); Love You To Death; Questions To Ask Before Marrying; The Secret of Joy; and The Mosts (YA). Melissa has also published numerous short stories and essays. She was formerly a book editor (romance and teen fiction) from New York City and now lives on the beautiful coast of Maine, where she writes full-time. more