newSwept Into The Tycoon's World/Captivated By Her Italian Boss

Swept Into The Tycoon's World/Captivated By Her Italian Boss

by Cara Colter, Rosanna Battigelli

Imprint: Forever Romance

Release date: 23/07/2018

Pages: 384 Pages

ISBN: 9781489264343

Swept Into The Tycoons World - Cara Colter

The last six years of Bree Evans’ personal life have been such a disaster that she’s determined to stick to what she’s good at — her blossoming cookie business. But when her gorgeous teenage crush, Brand Wallace — now a sleek internet tycoon — crosses her path again and sweeps her into his world, Bree’s forced to ask herself…what really is a life without love?

Captivated By Her Italian Boss - Rosanna Battigelli

Neve Wilder’s past suddenly comes flooding back when she meets her boss, Davide Cortese. Can he really be that boy who stole her heart and then disappeared all those years ago? The intense chemistry between them hasn’t changed, but everything else has. With so much at stake, can Neve allow herself to be captivated by her gorgeous Italian, all over again?

About the author

Cara Colter

Cara Colter

Cara Colter was born in Calgary, Alberta, but now lives on a small acreage in British Columbia. She shares her life with eight horses, a cat and her hero, Rob. They have three grown children and a grandchild.A journalism graduate, Cara has been making her living with words for her entire adult life. Before finding her home at Silhouette, she wrote educational materials, newspaper stories, magazine articles and even sermons!"I am living proof that dreams come true," Cara says. "I am an ordinary person leading an extraordinary life."To learn more about Cara's extraordinary life, and to meet some of the... more