newSheikh's Baby Of Revenge

Bound to the Desert King #1

Sheikh's Baby Of Revenge

by Tara Pammi

Imprint: Modern

Release date: 23/07/2018

Pages: 288 Pages

ISBN: 9781489264329

He ruthlessly seduced her…now he’ll steal her to keep his heir!

Seeking revenge for his royal family’s rejection, warrior Sheikh Adir seduces his brother’s innocent fiancée! But when he returns to steal Amira from the altar he discovers their illicit encounter has left her pregnant. Secluded in the desert, longing soon consumes them. But Adir’s baby must be legitimate — and he’ll claim his heir with a vow!

About the author

Tara Pammi

Tara Pammi

Tara lives in textas with her real life hero and her two little girls. When she isn't writing or reading, Tara can be found failing in the kitchen, watching TV and making resolutions to exercise more, or even a little. more