newDriven To Distraction

Driven To Distraction

by Joss Wood

Imprint: By Request

Release date: 18/06/2018

Pages: 600 Pages

ISBN: 9781489264022

It Was Only A Kiss

For businessman Luke Savage success is the only option. So when marketing intern Jess Sherwood waltzes into his office and tells him his newly inherited vineyard has an image problem, he’s outraged! And all Luke can do to stop her talking is kiss her senseless.

Eight years later Luke needs a hip new marketing strategy to save the vineyard. Jess may drive him crazy but she’s the right woman for the job. Their only problem is how to keep their minds off that kiss!

If You Can’t Stand The Heat…

Living on the edge used to make war reporter Jack Chapman feel alive. These days he’s just looking for a distraction, so who better than delectable pastry chef Ellie Evans? She’s oh-so-tempting…and sleeping right next door! Perfect for a short-term seduction!

Ellie knows it would be stupid to fall for a guy who’s always on the move. But Jack is even more irresistible than her death-by-chocolate cake — and saying no has never been Ellie’s strong point!

Wild About The Man

Nick Sherwood has no time for poor little rich girls. All he wants is to run his luxury game reserve in peace. So socialite Clementine Copeland — a tempestuous redhead with flashes of vulnerability he knows shouldn’t intrigue him — is his guest from hell!

For Clem, getting dumped on live TV was bad enough. She doesn’t care how gorgeous the enigmatic Nick is — she wants out! Until he gets under her skin, and dangerously close to her battered heart…

About the author

Joss Wood

Joss Wood

Joss Wood wrote her first book at the age of eight and has never really stopped. Her passion for putting black letters on a white screen is only matched by her love of books and travelling (especially to the wild places of Southern Africa) and, possibly, by her hatred of ironing and making school lunches. Joss was a finalist in the Voice of Africa/Essentials magazine short story writing competition in 2010 and placed third in 2011. It was through this competition that her first book was brought to the notice of the Mills & Boon editors. Joss has a background... more