Tangled Vows/The Nanny Proposal

Tangled Vows/The Nanny Proposal

by Yvonne Lindsay, Joss Wood

Imprint: Desire

Release date: 21/05/2018

Pages: 384 Pages

ISBN: 9781489262042

Tangled Vows - Yvonne Lindsay

An unorthodox arranged marriage is the only way Yasmin Carter can save her family’s struggling company. But the handsome man waiting at the altar is no stranger. He’s Ilya Horvath, her bitter business rival! The charismatic CEO plans to win over his reluctant bride with all the passion at his command…until a shocking web of secrets threatens to tear them apart.

The Nanny Proposal - Joss Wood

She’d slept with Aaron Phillips before he became her boss. And Kasey Monroe had successfully avoided temptation ever since. But now the Texas tycoon demands she add temporary live-in nanny to her job description, to help with his niece. Kasey will be ‘playing house’ with the man she can’t resist. What could possibly go wrong with that arrangement?

About the author

Yvonne Lindsay

Yvonne Lindsay

New Zealand born, to Dutch immigrant parents, Yvonne Lindsay always had a deep fascination with the written word (when she wasn’t day dreaming!) An avid reader, Yvonne was introduced to the joy of reading romance at the age of 13 by an elderly neighbour. At the age of 15, and totally inspired by the books she'd read, she tried her hand at her first romance novel (an abysmal attempt which still remains shrouded in dust, somewhere!)Many scribblings, many years, a slew of secretarial and sales repping jobs, marriage to her ‘blind date’ hero and two kids later Yvonne heard the... more

Joss Wood

Joss Wood

Joss Wood wrote her first book at the age of eight and has never really stopped. Her passion for putting black letters on a white screen is only matched by her love of books and travelling (especially to the wild places of Southern Africa) and, possibly, by her hatred of ironing and making school lunches. Joss was a finalist in the Voice of Africa/Essentials magazine short story writing competition in 2010 and placed third in 2011. It was through this competition that her first book was brought to the notice of the Mills & Boon editors. Joss has a background... more