Marry Me, Major/The Ballerina's Secret

Marry Me, Major/The Ballerina's Secret

by Merline Lovelace, Teri Wilson

Imprint: Cherish

Release date: 21/05/2018

Pages: 456 Pages

ISBN: 9781489262004

Marry Me, Major - Merline Lovelace

Alexis Scott is single, and desperate to keep custody of her late sister’s sweet stepdaughter. But for this, she needs a husband. She thinks US Air Force Major Ben Kincaid is perfect for the job. The Special Ops pilot is a world-class stud who loves a challenge — and is always out of town. A brief marriage of convenience suits them both...until Ben moves in. Suddenly, playing house seems a little too real...

The Ballerina’s Secret - Teri Wilson

After an accident robbed her of her hearing and with her dream role in her grasp, ballerina Tessa Wilde needs to focus. If only Julian Shine, brooding piano accompanist, would leave her alone. But she holds a secret that rehearsing with Julian threatens to reveal. Because when he plays, she can hear every note. But is it real? Or is it the music of her heart?

About the author

Merline Lovelace

Merline Lovelace

Daughter of a career air force veteran, Merline Lovelace grew up at bases all over the world. Living in Newfoundland and France and almost half of the fifty states as a child sparked a lifelong love of travel she continues to indulge to this day.During her own twenty-three year military career, Merline served tours in Taiwan, Vietnam and at the Pentagon with the Joint Chiefs of Staff. When she hung up her uniform for the last time, she decided to combine her love of adventure with a flair for storytelling, basing many of her tales on her experiences in the... more

Teri Wilson

Teri Wilson

Teri Wilson grew up as an only child and could often be found with her head in a book, lost in a world of romance and exotic places. As an adult, her love of books has led her to her dream career—writing. Now an award-winning romance author, when Teri isn't traveling or writing, she enjoys ballet, knitting and having fun with friends, family and her dogs, Bliss and Finn, both Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Teri lives in San Antonio, Texas, and loves to hear from readers! more