Kidnapped For His Royal Duty

Stolen Brides #1

Kidnapped For His Royal Duty

by Jane Porter

Imprint: Modern

Release date: 21/05/2018

Pages: 192 Pages

ISBN: 9781489261786

He needs a substitute bride…and she will be his queen!

When desert prince Dal’s convenient bride is stolen from him at the altar, he must find a replacement — immediately. Suddenly shy secretary Poppy is kidnapped by her merciless boss and whisked away to his kingdom. She’s shocked to find herself willingly surrendering to his expert seduction! But when it becomes clear that Dal has more than pleasure in mind, will Poppy be persuaded to accept his royal proposal?

About the author

Jane Porter

Jane Porter

Raised in a small California farming town, Jane Porter wrote her first book at eight, a ninety eight page novella in the tradition of Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women. Jeff, a boy in her class, took the manuscript from her school desk and tore it up. Although the teacher fished the book out of the garbage, making Jeff tape the pages, Jane cried, her heart broken. She was then punished for writing stories during class and Jeff was let off with a warning. Jane felt utterly misunderstood and learned early that school was not an easy place for an artist... more