newHer Holiday Rancher/Come Home, Cowboy

Her Holiday Rancher/Come Home, Cowboy

by Cathy McDavid

Imprint: Western Romance

Release date: 23/04/2018

Pages: 456 Pages

ISBN: 9781489261274

Her Holiday Rancher

Gabe Dempsey has vowed to keep the Dos Estrellas ranch alive, even if he has to share ownership with two half-brothers, who are virtual strangers. They are also pressuring him to sell — which will happen over his dead body! Luckily, Reese McGraw is the trustee of his father’s estate, and she’s on Gabe’s side. For now. Reese is happy to support Gabe in his fight to keep the ranch — but as their feelings grow for each other, is her support a conflict of interest?

Come Home, Cowboy

To provide stability for his two young children, retired rodeo driver Josh Dempsey returns home to his family’s ranch, part of which is used as a mustang sanctuary run by Cara Alverez. When Josh asks her for parenting help in return for his support with the sanctuary, Cara is torn — she isn’t sure she can survive another blow to the heart. Unless a cowboy looking for his own second chance can show her how to love again…

About the author

Cathy McDavid

Cathy McDavid

Cathy McDavid had no idea when she opened that first Walter Farley book in third grade, it bio picwould be a defining moment in her life. After devouring every Black Stallion and Island Stallion book written at the time — the process took over a year — she decided she wanted her own horse. That dream was realized a few years later, and Cathy went on to own horses and ride most of her life. Bonanza and Big Valley reruns every day after school enforced her love of all things western as well as a fascination with "cowboy" history.Always an... more