newReunited...With Baby/The Twin Birthright

Reunited...With Baby/The Twin Birthright

by Sara Orwig, Catherine Mann

Imprint: Desire

Release date: 23/04/2018

Pages: 336 Pages

ISBN: 9781489261236

Reunited...With Baby - Sara Orwig

To save his ranch from ruin, tech billionaire Luke Weston needs Scarlett McKittrick — brilliant veterinarian…and the lover he left behind. Their sizzling attraction hasn’t changed, but Scarlett has. Now, she’s a business owner, a mum…a woman he craves. But Luke’s dark legacy could endanger Scarlett’s new life and end their second chance at love…

The Twin Birthright - Catherine Mann

Delivering his ex-fiancée’s twins in a snowstorm is a brave new world for innovator Royce Miller. Despite the pain in their past, he’s driven to protect Naomi Steele and her babies. That means facing the mistakes they both made — and resisting the heat they still can’t deny. Will forgiveness lead to forever this time?

About the author

Sara Orwig

Sara Orwig

A native Oklahoman, Sara met and married her husband while they both attended Oklahoma State University — the ex-paratrooper married the bookworm. They have three children and three precious grandchildren, including one-year-old twins to whom Sara's computer and office are off-limits. To Sara's delight, the one-year-olds love to be read too, and are hopefully, little budding readers in the family.Sara and her husband enjoy travelling and gardening, even in Oklahoma's scorching summers. Periwinkles and okra are two of Sara's garden favourites because both plants can take weeks of over 100-degree weather.An avid reader, Sara collects books about the Old West.... more

Catherine Mann

Catherine Mann

Bestselling author Catherine Mann writes contemporary military romances, a natural fit since she's married to her very own USAF research source.Prior to publication, Catherine graduated with a B.A. in Fine Arts: Theatre from the College of Charleston, and received her master's degree in Theatre from UNC Greensboro. Now a RITA® Award winner, Catherine finds following her aviator husband around the world with four children, a beagle and a tabby in tow offers her endless inspiration for new plots.Learn more about her work, as well as her adventures in military life, by visiting her website above. more