newRescuing The Royal Runaway Bride/Amber And The Rogue Prince

Rescuing The Royal Runaway Bride/Amber And The Rogue Prince

by Ally Blake

Imprint: Forever Romance

Release date: 23/04/2018

Pages: 384 Pages

ISBN: 9781489261069

Rescuing The Royal Runaway Bride

On the way to the Vallemont royal wedding, Will Darcy’s overblown sense of chivalry leads him to rescue a damsel in a muddy wedding dress. And, yes, it’s the princess-to-be! While the media furore dies down, they hole up in a hotel room where irrepressible Sadie makes buttoned-up Will reconsider his life. For once work isn’t his priority — resisting the tantalising royal runaway is!

Amber And The Rogue Prince

After being betrayed at the altar and escaping to Australia, Prince Alessandro Hugo Giordano goes rogue when he finds solace with unconventional Amber Hartley. Brave and sassy, she’s everything his princess shouldn’t be. Although he expected her fiery response to discovering he’s royalty, he didn’t imagine his deception would hurt her so deeply. But Amber has her own bombshell — she’s pregnant with his royal baby!

About the author

Ally Blake

Ally Blake

Having once made her living as a professional cheerleader, Ally Blake learned early on to live by the motto 'Smile and the world smiles with you'.One way to make Ally smile is by sending her on holidays, especially to locations that inspire her writing. Her love of travel hit a special note when she married her gorgeous hubby in Las Vegas. (For those of you wondering how it's done, everything was organized that day! The chapel, the limo, the flowers, the restaurant, the hair and make-up - everything!) She continued to travel throughout the United States on her honeymoon, meeting... more