newHired To Wear The Sheikh's Ring

Hired To Wear The Sheikh's Ring

by Rachael Thomas

Imprint: Modern

Release date: 23/04/2018

Pages: 264 Pages

ISBN: 9781489261045

‘I want to hire you — as my bride.’ But she makes him want more…

Tiffany is the perfect candidate to be Jafar Al-Shehri’s temporary wife. In return for meeting him at the altar, he’ll clear her sister’s debt. Yet this convenient arrangement to secure his crown soon leads to unbridled passion! But Jafar’s throne is still at stake — is their craving for each other enough to make Tiffany more than just the sheikh’s hired bride…?

About the author

Rachael Thomas

Rachael Thomas

I’ve always loved reading romance and am thrilled to now be a Presents author. I live and work on a farm in Wales, a far cry from the glamour of a Presents story, but that makes slipping into my characters’ world all the more appealing. When I’m not writing or working on the farm I enjoy photography and visiting historic castles and grand houses. Visit me at more