newThe Virgin's Debt To Pay

The Virgin's Debt To Pay

by Abby Green

Imprint: Modern

Release date: 23/04/2018

Pages: 192 Pages

ISBN: 9781489260994

Indebted to the billionaire…And he’s determined to collect!

Nessa must appeal to notorious tycoon Luc Barbier’s better nature to exonerate her brother of theft. But Luc is the most merciless — and sinfully attractive — man Nessa’s ever met! Until the debt is settled, he’ll hold her as his captive. And when undeniable attraction overwhelms them both, it becomes clear that Nessa’s innocence is the real price to pay!

About the author

Abby Green

Abby Green

Abby Green was born in London, but soon afterwards moved back to her mother's native Dublin. She grew up there, going to boarding school just outside the city. As an only child, her love of books came early, and she read everything from Enid Blyton to George Orwell voraciously.While on school holidays one year in her early teens, she discovered a Mills & Boon romance novel. The rest is history. Back in school, she would speed read the requisite reading—Wuthering Heights and Great Expectations—to allow time to squeeze in a couple of Mills & Boon books a week!As time marched... more