A Royal Baby Surprise/The Illegitimate Prince's Baby/How To Catch A Prince/The Prince's Second Chance

A Royal Baby Surprise/The Illegitimate Prince's Baby/How To Catch A Prince/The Prince's Second Chance

by Michelle Celmer, Leanne Banks, Brenda Harlen

Imprint: Box Sets

Release date: 19/03/2018

Pages: 592 Pages

ISBN: 9781489259691

The Illegitimate Prince’s Baby - Michelle Celmer

Prince Ethan would never have slept with a palace employee…normally. Then plain-Jane Elizabeth Pryce appeared at the royal ball, unrecognisably gorgeous — and too desirable to ignore. When he finally discovered her true identity, he also learned she was carrying his child. A royal courtship would defuse the scandal. But would a marriage inflame the passion that still burned between them?

How To Catch A Prince - Leanne Banks

Ever-practical Maxwell Carter was used to designing highways and streets — not waving from a limo! So when he discovered he was actually a prince of Chantaine by birth, he wasn’t interested in getting to know his royal family. But his assistant Sophie Taylor insisted he give the royals a chance — and Sophie was usually right!

As soon as she stepped into paradise and into the hands of Maxwell’s matchmaking half-sisters, staid Sophie became sexy Sophie. It wasn’t long before a strictly-business relationship became personal…as personal as another royal-baby-to-be! Would Maxwell’s sense of duty doom their new love from the start, or could this reluctant prince fling caution to the wind and give his heart to his Cinderella?

The Prince’s Second Chance - Brenda Harlen

Advice columnist Gabriella Vasquez had it all — a high-profile newspaper job, a beautiful daughter…and a powerful secret. The father of her child was the playboy prince of Tesoro del Mar himself, Cameron Leandres!

The rakish royal longed to settle down and when Cameron realised he was a daddy, he knew fate had brought him back to the only woman he’d ever loved. Getting involved meant risking his heart — and the kind of scandal that could bring down the royal family. But this time around, Cameron vowed to win Gabby’s heart — and throw a royal wedding to remember!

About the author

Michelle Celmer

Michelle Celmer

Michelle Celmer lives in southeastern Michigan with her husband, their three children, two dogs and two cats. When she's not writing or busy being a mom, you can find her in the garden or curled up with a romance novel. And if you twist her arm real hard you can usually persuade her into a day of power shopping.Michelle loves to hear from readers. Write her at P.O Box 300, Clawson, MI 48017. more

Leanne Banks

Leanne Banks

Leanne Banks is a national #1 bestselling author of romance.Having written more than 20 novels, Leanne is known for telling a story with strong emotion, characters with whom everyone can relate, a kick of hot sensuality, and a feel-good ending that lingers.She is the recipient of Romantic Times Magazine’s career-achievement awards in Series Sensuality and Love and Laughter, and her books have been recognized by the Award of Excellence Contest, the Romance Writers of America RITA Award contest and the National Readers Choice Awards.Leanne is grateful for awards and reviews and was particularly moved by a letter from a reader... more

Brenda Harlen

Brenda Harlen

Brenda is a former attorney who once had the privilege of appearing before the Supreme Court of Canada. Five years ago she gave up the practice of law to be a stay-at-home mum and to secretly pursue her dreams of writing a book. She enrolled in a romance writing course at a local community college and finished her first book before the course ended.Three years, five manuscripts and another baby later, Brenda decided to enter the Romance Writers of America's Golden Heart contest and ended up selling her manuscript to one of the final-round judges from Silhouette books.She loves being... more