Baby's First Homecoming/Cowboy For Keeps

Baby's First Homecoming/Cowboy For Keeps

by Cathy McDavid

Imprint: Western Romance

Release date: 19/03/2018

Pages: 456 Pages

ISBN: 9781489259509

Baby’s First Homecoming

Giving away her baby for adoption was the second biggest mistake of Sierra Powell’s life. But miraculously she is reunited with her toddler son and they return to Arizona. Too bad Sierra’s first mistake is waiting for her there — Clay Duvall.

Clay is not about to let go of the opportunity to raise his flesh and blood. Will the sparks between Clay and Sierra set off the formerly feuding Powell and Duvall clans...or will they rekindle an old passion?

Cowboy For Keeps

Conner Durham has traded in his suit for jeans and cowboy boots. For years he’s been pulling down six figures and now he’s lost his job, his house and his whole way of life. The only good thing to have happened is meeting former flame Dallas Sorrenson again.

Can successful, pregnant photographer Dallas fall for a lowly cowboy? The situation couldn’t be more complicated…but maybe there’s no such thing as a bad time to fall in love.

About the author

Cathy McDavid

Cathy McDavid

Cathy McDavid had no idea when she opened that first Walter Farley book in third grade, it bio picwould be a defining moment in her life. After devouring every Black Stallion and Island Stallion book written at the time — the process took over a year — she decided she wanted her own horse. That dream was realized a few years later, and Cathy went on to own horses and ride most of her life. Bonanza and Big Valley reruns every day after school enforced her love of all things western as well as a fascination with "cowboy" history.Always an... more