The Texas Cowboy's Baby Rescue/Reunited With The Bull Rider

The Texas Cowboy's Baby Rescue/Reunited With The Bull Rider

by Cathy Gillen Thacker, Christine Wenger

Imprint: Western Romance

Release date: 19/03/2018

Pages: 456 Pages

ISBN: 9781489259486

The Texas Cowboy’s Baby Rescue - Cathy Gillen Thacker

Finding an abandoned baby and a puppy brings nurse Bridgett Monroe one step closer to her dream of adoption. But gruff, sexy rancher Cullen Reid McCabe stands in her way. He’s been named responsible for the child — and he needs her help.

Cullen knows what it’s like to grow up fatherless. So he’s determined to find Robby’s real family, even if it means Bridgett losing her chance to raise a child. But could ‘family’ mean the three of them, not just for now, but forever?

Reunited With The Bull Rider - Christine Wenger

When an injury sends bull rider Reed Beaumont home to Oklahoma to recover, he doesn’t expect to bump into his high school sweetheart Callie Wainright. She’s been hired to help restore his family ranch and though their attraction still simmers she’s far too busy to spend time on romance!

Reed regrets breaking Callie’s heart by leaving years ago, but he’s still determined to return to the circuit. Can this cowboy realise his dream, and still lasso Callie forever?

About the author

Cathy Gillen Thacker

Cathy Gillen Thacker

Cathy Gillen Thacker is a full-time wife, mother and author who began writing stories for her own amusement during "nap time" when her children were toddlers.Twenty years and more than fifty published novels later, Cathy is almost as well-known for her witty romantic comedies and warm, family stories as she is for her ability to get grass stains and red clay out of almost anything, her triple layer brownies, and her knack for knowing what her husband and children are up to almost before they do!When writing, Cathy’s greatest goal is to entertain and uplift. "To give people the power... more

Christine Wenger

Christine Wenger

Chris Wenger has worked in the criminal justice field for more years than she cares to remember. She has a dual master's degree in Probation and Parole Studies and Sociology from Fordham University, but the knowledge gained from such studies certainly has not prepared her for what she loves to do the most - write romance!Her first book, THE LADY AND THE COWBOY, a western historical, was written for beginning adult readers and was sold to Laubach Literacy. In 1998, it was chosen by the Publishers Liaison Committee of the Public Library Association's Adult Lifelong Learning Section as one of... more