newAlaska Nights

Alaska Nights

by Debbie Macomber

Release date: 18/06/2018

Pages: 400 Pages

ISBN: 9781489256669

Hard Luck , Alaska – their town might be cold, but their hearts are warm.

Location: north of the Arctic Circle. Population: 150 (mostly men!). But the O’Halloran brothers, who run a bush-plane charter service called Midnight Sons, are heading a campaign to bring women to town.

Because Of The Baby

Matt Caldwell, Charles O’Halloran’s brother-in-law, is an easygoing charmer, and still in love with his ex-wife. Karen’s still in love with him, too. Her reaction to him the night of his sister’s wedding certainly proved that. It also left her pregnant... Now Matt wants her to marry him again — and not just because of the baby!

Falling For Him

Christian O'Halloran, charming, handsome, clever. He loves the company of women — but please keep him away from Mariah Douglas! She's the secretary at Midnight Sons and she drives him crazy.  Life in Alaska is an adventure for Mariah. Falling for Christian is an adventure, too — one that her heart might not survive!

Ending In Marriage

Duke Porter’s the best pilot Midnight Sons ever had.  Tough, rugged, great in a crisis. He's also an unashamed traditionalist who delights in expressing outrageous opinions. Especially when Tracy Santiago's around... But Tracy gives as good as she gets, and their clashes become legendary in Hard Luck!

About the author

Debbie Macomber

Debbie Macomber

Through both words and deeds, Debbie Macomber inspires women from all walks of life to realise their dreams. Debbie Macomber overcame the obstacles in her own life to become one of the world’s most popular writers. She encourages women to achieve the goals that burn in their hearts as fiercely as the desire to become a bestselling novelist did in her own 15 years ago. When Debbie first decided to write a novel, people called her a hopeless dreamer. She had only a high school degree and was dyslexic. She was also the very young mother of four active children.... more