A Delectable Deal/The Morning After The Wedding Before/Marriage In Name Only?/Her Not-So-Secret Diary

A Delectable Deal/The Morning After The Wedding Before/Marriage In Name Only?/Her Not-So-Secret Diary

by Anne Oliver

Imprint: By Request

Release date: 22/01/2018

Pages: 576 Pages

ISBN: 9781489255600

The Morning After The Wedding Before

Emma Byrne has never been one to let her hair down — family obligations and a cheating ex have made sure of that. Now she has another responsibility: she’s her sister’s maid of honour!

Wickedly charming best man Jake Carmody is intrigued by Emma and can’t resist the challenge of freeing her of her inhibitions… starting in the honeymoon suite! But after one sinfully wicked night, Emma realises that letting your hair down can be addictive…

Marriage In Name Only?

For celebrity bachelor Jordan Blackstone, marriage is off the cards. So when he needs a fake wife, it’s time to think outside the box…

Chloe Montgomery seems the perfect solution — she’s as anticommitment as he is. So Jordan pops the question: will she masquerade as his wife? Chloe agrees, but when the passion between them explodes, their honeymoon starts to feel all too real! Maybe Jordan has finally met a woman worth breaking his rules for...

Her Not-So-Secret Diary

Sophie’s fantasy man is supposed to stay in her dreams…until her diary detailing her saucy fantasy gets accidentally emailed to her sexy new boss!

Suddenly Sophie has Jared’s attention! He’s not looking for commitment, and luckily that’s the last thing on Sophie’s mind. But as work, steamy nights and painful secrets all begin to build up, Sophie soon knows she’s in a whole heap of trouble.

About the author

Anne Oliver

Anne Oliver

Anne Oliver lives in Adelaide, South Australia, and with its perfect location and relaxed lifestyle why would she want to leave? In another life Anne was an early childhood teacher but not long after she began writing paranormal and time travel adventures as a weekend escape, she knew it was more than a hobby. Eventually preferring the fun of writing contemporary romance, she dreamed of swapping yard duties for the life of a published author. It happened in December 2005 when she was accepted by Harlequin Mills and Boon for their Modern Heat series. The dream continued when her first... more