Rags To Riches Baby/Rich Rancher's Redemption

Rags To Riches Baby/Rich Rancher's Redemption

by Andrea Laurence, Maureen Child

Imprint: Desire

Release date: 22/01/2018

Pages: 360 Pages

ISBN: 9781489254924

Rags To Riches Baby - Andrea Laurence

When Lucy Campbell inherits a multi-million dollar Manhattan estate, her employer’s nephew sees only a gold-digging scammer. But even with battle lines drawn, CEO Oliver Drake can’t resist the temptation of bedding the very woman he’s trying to expose! Then Lucy delivers her shocking baby news. Does she genuinely desire a future together? Or is it another ploy that could destroy Oliver’s trust forever?

Rich Rancher's Redemption - Maureen Child

When Jesse Navarro meets single mum Jillian Norris, she makes him feel…everything. But he’s carrying the guilt of a past tragedy and knows he can’t take her for his own. Still, denying their sizzling attraction and ignoring Jillian — vulnerable and dedicated to her little girl — isn’t an option. Already Jesse’s defences are starting to weaken…

About the author

Andrea Laurence

Andrea Laurence

Andrea has been devouring books since she learned to read at the age of three. An old portable typewriter got her started writing in her room at eight and she's been writing ever since. Her practical nature led her to pursue a master's degree and a career that would pay the bills, but the writing bug continued to bite. She started working ferociously in her spare time to become a published author. After eight years and eleven completed manuscripts, she finally made the leap and got 'the call' from Harlequin Desire on May 31, 2011. She always dreamed of seeing... more

Maureen Child

Maureen Child

Maureen Child is the USA TODAY bestselling author of more than one-hundred romance novels and novellas. She’s published in several different genres, including historical romance, paranormal and contemporary.A five-time RITA® Award nominee, Maureen Child’s books make regular appearances on bestseller lists such as USA TODAY and Walden’s list. Her books have won numerous awards, including the Award of Excellence, the Prism, the Golden Quill and a Career Achievement award from RT magazine.One of Maureen’s historical paranormal books, A Pocketful of Paradise, was made into a CBS TV movie called The Soul Collector, starring Melissa Gilbert, Bruce Greenwood and Ossie Davis.... more