Royals: A Dutiful Princess - 3 Book Box Set

Royals: A Dutiful Princess - 3 Book Box Set

by Lucy Monroe, Michelle Celmer, Leanne Banks

Imprint: Box Sets

Release date: 18/12/2017

Pages: 600 Pages

ISBN: 9781489253903

The Scorsolini Marriage Bargain - Lucy Monroe

Prince Claudio Scorsolini’s future wife must make a suitable figurehead for his people and provide him with an heir. Claudio’s convenient union with Therese is hailed a success: his subjects have fallen in love with her and she’s performed her duties in the bedroom — to Claudio’s immense satisfaction.

However, Therese has secretly fallen in love with her husband. How can their marriage survive when she knows she can never give Claudio a child?

Expectant Princess, Unexpected Affair - Michelle Celmer

He’d danced with her on a dare, but Samuel Baldwin had seduced Princess Anne to quench his own desire. Chipping away at Anne’s icy demeanour had been pure pleasure...until he discovered their passion-filled night had left him responsible for one pregnant princess.

He was set to be the country’s next prime minister and marrying a royal would mean an end to his career. But duty was etched deep in Sam’s bones and their wedding would take place. After making such a sacrifice, would this groom’s heart ever thaw?

Royal Holiday Baby - Leanne Banks

Valentina Devereaux had always been the good girl, the model princess — not the one getting mixed up in tabloid scandals. But one carefree night with charming Texan Zachary Logan had changed everything. Now her main responsibility was not to the throne, but to her unborn child...

With Zach, Valentina felt she could put down her tiara and just be herself. But the rancher had a dark secret — one that threatened any chance of happily ever after. Could the American cowboy be her true Prince Charming? Or was she risking it all for a royal heartbreak?

About the author

Lucy Monroe

Lucy Monroe

Award-winning and bestselling author Lucy Monroe lives in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest, surrounded by a plethora of pets and children (her own, the neighbors, her sisters'...). She finds inspiration for her stories everywhere as she is an avid people-watcher. So much so that she disconcerted her husband upon first meeting him when she watched the other dancers as much as she watched him. He thought she wasn't interested... silly man.She believes there is no stronger emotion than love; that it truly can overcome pain, past rejection and the challenge of finding happiness despite the hardest things life has to offer.... more

Michelle Celmer

Michelle Celmer

Michelle Celmer lives in southeastern Michigan with her husband, their three children, two dogs and two cats. When she's not writing or busy being a mom, you can find her in the garden or curled up with a romance novel. And if you twist her arm real hard you can usually persuade her into a day of power shopping.Michelle loves to hear from readers. Write her at P.O Box 300, Clawson, MI 48017. more

Leanne Banks

Leanne Banks

Leanne Banks is a national #1 bestselling author of romance.Having written more than 20 novels, Leanne is known for telling a story with strong emotion, characters with whom everyone can relate, a kick of hot sensuality, and a feel-good ending that lingers.She is the recipient of Romantic Times Magazine’s career-achievement awards in Series Sensuality and Love and Laughter, and her books have been recognized by the Award of Excellence Contest, the Romance Writers of America RITA Award contest and the National Readers Choice Awards.Leanne is grateful for awards and reviews and was particularly moved by a letter from a reader... more