Her Christmas Knight

Her Christmas Knight

by Nicole Locke

Imprint: Historical

Release date: 22/10/2017

Pages: 192 Pages

ISBN: 9781489249579

A knight to protect her — this Yuletide! 

Alice of Swaffham searches the London nobility for a traitor dealing information to the Scots. Little does she know that the mysterious spy she seeks is the man she once loved.

If Hugh of Shoebury felt unworthy of Alice before, he can never claim her heart now. He must fight to keep Alice safe…and to keep his burning longing for her at bay!

About the author

Nicole Locke

Nicole Locke

Nicole discovered her first romance novel in her grandmother's closet, where they were secretly hidden.  Convinced that hidden books must be better, Nicole greedily read them.  It was only natural she should start writing them (but now not so secretly).She lives in London with her two completely opposite children who, if not for their red hair, she'd argue they weren't related, and her husband who, if not for his red hair, would have returned them. more