A Pregnant Courtesan For The Rake

A Pregnant Courtesan For The Rake

by Diane Gaston

Imprint: Historical

Release date: 22/10/2017

Pages: 192 Pages

ISBN: 9781489249555

Claiming the courtesans child… 

Oliver Gregory still remembers the exquisite night he shared with a beautiful woman in Paris. Discovering her working at the London gentlemen’s club he part-owns comes as a shock…even more so when he realises she’s pregnant! Oliver will ensure his child is not born illegitimate, including returning Cecilia to his bed…as his wife!

About the author

Diane Gaston

Diane Gaston

When Diane Gaston was a little girl, she'd learn all the words to popular love songs. When she played, her dolls acted out tragic love affairs with the current heartthrob on TV or in the movies. She thought everyone in the world made up romantic stories in their heads to fall asleep at night. Even as a little girl, Diane loved the romances in the books she read, enjoying Nancy Drew's relationship with Ned more her mystery-solving. And she will never forgive Louisa May Alcott for not giving Jo a happy ending with Laurie. When Diane discovered romance novels in... more