Secrets Of The A-List (episode 2 Of 12)

Secrets Of The A-List (episode 2 Of 12)

by Clare Connelly

Imprint: Box Sets

Release date: 10/09/2017

Pages: 45 Pages

ISBN: 9781489249227

The lies are spreading like wildfire…

Someone powerful is calling the shots for the Marshall family. Could it be the “Fixer”? Whoever it is, they’re feeding lies to the press about Harrison’s condition. Meanwhile decisions need to be made. About the family business. About wild child Elana’s wedding to her best friend Thom. The family is determined to find out who their secret guardian devil is — before every last one of their secrets and lies is uncovered...

Super Rich. Super Sexy. Super Addictive. Secrets of the A-List — read all 12 episodes!

About the author

Clare Connelly

Clare Connelly

Clare Connelly was raised in small-town Australia among a family of avid readers. She spent much of her childhood up a tree, Mills & Boon book in hand. Clare is married to her own real-life hero and they live in a bungalow near the sea with their two children. She is frequently found staring into space — a surefire sign she is in the world of her characters. She has a penchant for French food and ice-cold champagne, and Mills & Boon novels continue to be her favourite ever books. Writing for MIlls & Boon is a long-held dream. more