A Cure For Love

Presents Plus #1

A Cure For Love

by Penny Jordan

Imprint: Box Sets

Release date: 31/07/2017

Pages: 192 Pages

ISBN: 9781489248640

Read this classic romance by New York Times bestselling author Penny Jordan, now available for the first time in e-book!

Back in her husbands bed!

Since Laceys brief marriage went disastrously wrong, shes raised her daughter, Jessica, alone. But there has been no man since Lewis Marsh, the one who loved and then left her, twenty years ago.

Now Lewis is back, determined to get to know his daughter and threatening the secure world Lacey has built up around her. But even more shattering is the realization that Lacey may be making the same mistakes: that she might be falling in love with Lewis all over again!

About the author

Penny Jordan

Penny Jordan

Penny Jordan was a storyteller long before she began to write romantic fiction. At the age of eight, she was creating serialised bedtime stories, featuring make-believe adventures, for her younger sister who was always the heroine. After reading a serialised Mills & Boon book in a woman’s magazine, she fell in love with the hero. Penny was eleven and she quickly became an avid fan.Her goal, when writing romance fiction, was to provide readers with an enjoyment and involvement similar to that she experienced from her early reading. She liked nothing more than to hear her fans share her love:... more