The Major Meets His Match

The Major Meets His Match

by Annie Burrows

Imprint: Historical

Release date: 21/08/2017

Pages: 192 Pages

ISBN: 9781489246189

The major must wed!

Wastrel, rebel, layabout…just a few of the names Lord Becconsall has hidden behind over the years. Recently titled, ex-military and required to wed, Jack views ton ladies with a cynical eye. Until he falls — quite literally — upon Lady Harriet Inskip.

After years of being overlooked, Harriet cannot believe that Jack is the only person to truly see her. But between his taunts and her fiery disposition it’s soon clear that the major has finally met his match!

About the author

Annie Burrows

Annie Burrows

Annie Burrows was born in Suffolk, England, to parents who loved to read. Her home was always full of books, and every Saturday they went to the local library to stock up on more! Always a bit of a daydreamer, Annie began to make up stories in her own head during long walks to and from school, and during the prolonged bouts of illness that kept her in bed.Part of every family holiday was spent visiting stately homes, or exploring ruined castles. As soon as they got home, Annie and her older sister would either dress up as lords and... more