The Runaway Bride

The Runaway Bride

by Patricia Johns

Imprint: Forever Romance

Release date: 31/05/2017

Pages: 192 Pages

ISBN: 9781489241047

Damsel in distress…or veiled threat? 

Bernadette Morgan left her cheating fiancé moments before they were supposed to marry in the society wedding of the year. Now shes stuck in Runt River, Ohio, with a broken-down car and a tattered wedding dress. All she wants is a place to hide. But what she finds are a handsome mechanic, a little boy and family secrets that could change everything. Because the toddler Liam Wilsons raising is actually her cousins child. And shell do anything to protect him from her politically ambitious family, even if that means rejecting the possibility of love with Liam…

About the author

Patricia Johns

Patricia Johns

There’s a lid for every pot – I’m convinced of it.That isn’t just a part of my storytelling.I started out as a starving artist with an English degree, my youthful optimism, and not much else to my name. I banged away on my ancient laptop and lived in the smallest, cheapest quarters possible in the middle of a large city. It paid off. I wrote my first published novel, the first of many more over the next few years, and fantasized about the small town life.As much as I loved writing historical fiction, I’d always longed to write for Harlequin.... more