Locked, Loaded And Sealed

Locked, Loaded And Sealed

by Carol Ericson

Imprint: Intrigue

Release date: 20/03/2017

Pages: 272 Pages

ISBN: 9781489236401

A navy SEAL sniper turned bodyguard, he’ll protect his target…at any cost…

The SEAL’s secret assignment had been to protect a certain important doctor. But when the man is murdered, Austin Foley’s mission changes. The navy sniper must now protect the doctor’s protégé, the irresistible Sophia Grant, at any cost. For Sophia has information that could endanger the entire country. There’s only one problem: Sophia has no idea what those secrets are. 

With lethal terrorists on their heels, Austin and Sophia must embark on a covert operation. But it will mean placing Sophia even more in harm’s way — a sacrifice not even the steel-hearted SEAL may be able to make.

About the author

Carol Ericson

Carol Ericson

To the utter amazement and horror of her two sons, Carol has always been a bookworm. She even won the “bookworm race” in fourth grade for reading the most books during the school year. Soon she discovered the gothic romances of Victoria Holt and to the utter amazement and horror of her girlfriends, she once declined a date with a boy to read Ms. Holt’s newest arrival in the public library. After falling in love with the dark, brooding heroes and happy endings in romance novels, Carol knew she had to create those stories for others to enjoy.Before getting serious... more