The Gp's Valentine Proposal

Hope City #3

The Gp's Valentine Proposal

by Jessica Matthews

Imprint: Medical

Release date: 01/03/2017

Pages: 192 Pages

ISBN: 9781489236043

She only came to Hope City to solve a huge family mystery. An explosive encounter with a handsome doctor is the last thing Dr. Dixie Albright expects to add to her list of complications. But Dr. Mark Cameron is the key to discovering the truth at the heart of her familys problems. While he has no sympathy with Dixies relative, he has won his way into Dixies guarded heart.

Now Dixie is at a crossroads: should she put her familys needs above her own, or should she allow Mark into her life? But, as Valentines Day approaches, Mark shows her where her priorities and happiness really lie...

Hope City: A hospital, a clinic, a community — a place that lives up to its name

About the author

Jessica Matthews

Jessica Matthews

Jessica Matthews grew up in the Midwest. The first school she attended was a little one-room country schoolhouse within walking distance of her home. Although she was only four, the teacher allowed her to come with her older sister every Friday morning so she could "go to school". The next year the little country school closed and she went to school about six miles from home, jumping right into first grade because they didn't offer a kindergarten class. Although she struggled with her alphabet, once those letters finally soaked into her head, she became an avid reader and her favourite... more