A Very Precious Gift

A Very Precious Gift

by Meredith Webber

Imprint: Medical

Release date: 01/03/2017

Pages: 192 Pages

ISBN: 9781489235800

It all started with a plan to make Charles jealous—and it was all Nick David’s idea. After a while, the plan ceased to be important. Protecting her heart from Nick’s all-too-real advances was what really mattered to Dr. Phoebe Morton.

Nick was famous for being a womanizer, yet his reputation was just a cover—to hide his fear of a broken marriage. Nick and Phoebe were obviously in love, but only a matter of life and death could make them realize that what they had together was a very precious gift that shouldn’t be ignored.

About the author

Meredith Webber

Meredith Webber

Previously a teacher, shopkeeper, travel agent, pig farmer, builder, worker in the disability field, and coordinator of a respite care service (among other things), Meredith turned to writing medical romances in 1992 when she decided she needed a new challenge. She gave herself two years to see if she could make it, and was accepted in October of the first year. Doesn’t it sound easy? Nothing is that easy! Once committed to giving it a "real" go, she joined writers’ groups, attended conferences, and read every book on writing she could find. She still rereads most of her "How-to" books... more