The Doctors' Marriage

Medics Down Under #2

The Doctors' Marriage

by Leah Martyn

Imprint: Medical

Release date: 01/02/2017

Pages: 192 Pages

ISBN: 9781489235602

He wants his wife back!

When Dr. Riley Brennan decides he wants to work abroad as a volunteer doctor, he wants his wife, Jane Rossiter, to go with him. But Jane wants to start a family — and when they cant agree, Riley goes alone, leaving Jane furious — and heartbroken.

Now Riley is back. He tracks Jane down to a rural medical practice and gets a job as a G.P. They will be working together once more!

The passion between them is as strong as ever — and Riley is determined to save their marriage. Even if it means he must seduce his wife all over again...

About the author

Leah Martyn

Leah Martyn

Leah Martyn spent her youthful years in rural Queensland. And although these days she lives happily with her husband, Peter, in a regional city, she insists she is still a country girl at heart.From a very early age, she showed an aptitude for writing and when her family of three had grown and flown off, about their own business, she relished the opportunity to undertake a professional writing course. Success in literary competitions followed and winning a major prize for short fiction spurred her on to try her hand at a longer work. This turned out to be a sweet... more