Rodeo Rancher


Rodeo Rancher

by Mary Sullivan

Imprint: Western Romance

Release date: 20/02/2017

Pages: 224 Pages

ISBN: 9781489235220

A family housewarming!

Visitors are rare at widower Michael Moreno's Rodeo, Montana, ranch. When Samantha Read and her two sons turn up, seeking shelter in a snowstorm, his kids are ecstatic. Michael is less enthusiastic. Sammys sophisticated city vibe seems out of place in his country home. But even he cant deny that the bubbly beauty lights up the whole house. 

Though Sammy doesn't know much about ranching, she recognizes an aching heart when she sees one. Michael and his kids could use some cheer, and shes determined to make the most of their time together. But as the heat between Sammy and Michael threatens to melt the snow, Sammy wonders if Michael's heart could be thawing, as well… 


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About the author

Mary Sullivan

Mary Sullivan

Mary Sullivan, a born-and-bred city girl of Irish descent, grew up amid the cultural fizz of Greektown in Toronto, eating Greek pastries on the Danforth, noshing on grapes from her Italian neighbour’s vines and drinking Turkish coffee with her Macedonian friend whose mother read the grounds and declared that her future included a tall, dark, handsome husband. He turned out to be short, fair and handsome, but, hey, she got the important part right.Eager to fuel her creative hunger, she loved her work in the darkroom manipulating and producing beautiful photographs. When computers changed the landscape of the commercial darkroom,... more