The Killer You Know

The Killer You Know

by Kimberly Van Meter

Imprint: Romantic Suspense

Release date: 23/01/2017

Pages: 220 Pages

ISBN: 9781489235077

When a killer strikes a sleepy small town, terror strikes…and passion flares!  

After a teenage girl is murdered, FBI agent Silas Kelly reluctantly returns to the hometown he swore never to visit again. This tragedy bears devastating similarities to the unsolved killing of his younger brother twenty years ago, and Silas is determined to find the link, the culprit, and maybe some peace for himself and his fractured family.

But the hardened loner has another problem to tackle in beautiful redhead Quinn Jackson. The ambitious reporter is trailing him for answers about the cold case and the current investigation, and Silas cant shake her. When the shocking truth is revealed, no one will be the same again.

About the author

Kimberly Van Meter

Kimberly Van Meter

An avid reader since before she can remember, Kimberly Van Meter started her writing career at the age of sixteen when she finished her first novel, typing late at night and early in the morning on her mother’s old portable typewriter.Although that first novel was nothing short of literary mud, with each successive piece of work she improved her writing and eventually reached that coveted published status. A journalist (who during college swore she’d never write news), Kimberly has worked for both daily and weekly newspapers, covering multiple beats including education, health and crime, but she always dreamed of writing... more