Reunited With The Rancher

Reunited With The Rancher

by Sara Orwig

Imprint: Desire

Release date: 20/02/2017

Pages: 192 Pages

ISBN: 9781489233837

Will secrets tear this rancher’s marriage apart—or lead to a reunion? Only from USA TODAY bestselling author Sara Orwig!

For estranged husband and wife Tom and Emily Knox, a heartbreaking loss in their past is keeping them apart in the present. They still share a ranch, but not a bed. And when the blackmailer terrorizing Royal, Texas, accuses Tom of keeping a secret family behind Emily’s back, they're thrown into an even deeper tailspin.

But could the darkest misunderstanding contain the seeds of a second chance, as Tom and Emily come together to dispel false accusations and face their past?

About the author

Sara Orwig

Sara Orwig

A native Oklahoman, Sara met and married her husband while they both attended Oklahoma State University — the ex-paratrooper married the bookworm. They have three children and three precious grandchildren, including one-year-old twins to whom Sara's computer and office are off-limits. To Sara's delight, the one-year-olds love to be read too, and are hopefully, little budding readers in the family.Sara and her husband enjoy travelling and gardening, even in Oklahoma's scorching summers. Periwinkles and okra are two of Sara's garden favourites because both plants can take weeks of over 100-degree weather.An avid reader, Sara collects books about the Old West.... more