Two-Week Texas Seduction

Two-Week Texas Seduction

by Cat Schield

Imprint: Desire

Release date: 23/01/2017

Pages: 192 Pages

ISBN: 9781489233752

She’s willing to bet the ranch that he can't resist temptation…

Up-by-her-bootstraps Brandee Lawson fought hard to establish Hope Springs Ranch. But a mysterious blackmailer threatens to expose her secret to real estate developer Shane Delgado. She could lose everything, and she can’t let sexy Shane short-circuit her survival instinct!

Sure, Shane wants her land, but he can't help wanting Brandee, as well. When she offers Royal’s most notorious bachelor a winner-takes-all wager in a bid to keep the ranch, it’s the ultimate test. Can he resist her charms — and should he even bother to try when something much deeper than sexiness surfaces between them?

About the author

Cat Schield

Cat Schield

I ventured into the world of writing romance fiction while still in high school. It has been my passion ever since. Stories come easy to me. For every one I write, I plot 3 more. This can get distracting when I’m trying to finish one book and the characters from other stories clamor for my attention. Fortunately, I multi-task well.Ten years ago I put my writing career on hold in favor of motherhood. I spent a couple years working two jobs and saving money so I could adopted a little girl from China. She turns eleven this year and these... more