A Cowboy In Paradise


A Cowboy In Paradise

by Shana Gray

Imprint: Blaze

Release date: 20/02/2017

Pages: 192 Pages

ISBN: 9781489233622

Her island nights are heating up!

Losing her luggage was Jimi Calloway’s first clue that her friend’s Hawaiian destination wedding would be a nightmare. The fact that it’s at a ranch instead of a beach and she’ll be ‘glamping’ officially makes it the vacation from hell. Until this city girl gets a glimpse of her smokin’-hot cowboy guide. Suddenly this vacation is looking up…

Sure, Jimi’s designer wardrobe is lost somewhere over the ocean, but she’s too busy learning just how incredible — and incredibly wicked — ‘roughing it’ with the sexy, rugged Dallas Wilde can be to care. Besides, it’s only a vacation fling…Only, no one warned Jimi how easy it was to fall for a cowboy in paradise.

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About the author

Shana Gray

Shana Gray

Shana Gray is a hybrid author first published in 2010. She's written contemporary erotic romances for multiple publishers, including Harlequin Books, Random House and Headline, and is also an indie author. Her stories range from scorching quickie length to full-length novels. Shana lives in Ontario but loves to travel and see the world, spend time with family and friends and experience the beauty that surrounds us. Many of her experiences find their way into her books. more