The Soldier's Untamed Heart/For Revenge...Or Pleasure?

The Soldier's Untamed Heart/For Revenge...Or Pleasure?

by Nikki Logan, Trish Morey

Imprint: Australian Favourites

Release date: 24/04/2017

Pages: 384 Pages

ISBN: 9781489232045

The Soldier’s Untamed Heart - Nikki Logan

Brooding ex-soldier Clint McLeish isolates himself in the outback. He trusts no one, but his game park needs a security coordinator — someone as tough as him, as intuitive as him. Someone with luscious curves, eyes to drown in and an enticing tattoo peeking out from under her tank top...?

Romy Carvell is no man’s fool! She can see there’s something missing in rugged Clint’s life, and if she can overcome her inhibitions, she may be the woman to finally tame his heart!

For Revenge...Or Pleasure? - Trish Morey


Jade Ferraro is a cosmetic surgeon at an elite Beverly Hills clinic. But to Loukas Demakis she’s a fraud.


Loukas plans to seduce top-secret information from Jade, and then discard her when he’s done.


Loukas buys Jade dinner — for a donation of one million dollars! But will the cost of the truth be worth the price of his heart?

About the author

Nikki Logan

Nikki Logan

Nikki Logan lives amongst a string of wetlands in Western Australia with her partner and a menagerie of animals.For many years she worked in advertising and film distribution before finally settling down in the wildlife industry. It wasn't until Nikki had six months off work in 2007 that she applied herself to writing her first novel. Well and truly bitten by the writing-bug, she wrote two more novels after her return to work in 2008. Nikki was contracted to the Harlequin Romance line in December 2008 and her novel, "Lights, Camera...Kiss the Boss", debuted in February 2010. more

Trish Morey

Trish Morey

Now based in Adelaide, SA, Trish always fancied herself a writer. But knowing she needed to get a “real” job, she dutifully picked gherkins and washed dishes in a Chinese restaurant on her way to earning herself an economics degree and a qualification as a chartered accountant instead. Work took her to Canberra where she promptly fell in love with a tall, dark and handsome hero who cut computer code, and marriage and lashings of (well, four) children followed, which gave Trish the chance to step back from her career and think about what she’d really like to do. Writing... more